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The Women's Ministry of First Baptist Lexington encourages women to grow in their relationship with God and each other through year-round Bible studies, small groups, mentoring, holiday activities, conferences and annual retreats along with other fun activities.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study 9am
Tuesday Evening Bible Study 6pm


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Conference Itinerary:

Friday 6-9:30

5:30 Registration

6:00 Dinner

General Session

Saturday 9am-3pm

9:00 Praise and Worship

Breakout Sessions

12:00 Lunch

Breakout Sessions

Closing General Session

Breakout Options:

"Beauty from Ashes" with Marilyn Blake 

There are times in your life when you can’t wait to find a mirror because you know you are “looking good.” As you walk through the mall you glance in the mirror to see if you look as good as you feel. Then there are other times when you avoid the mirror because you feel worn down, discouraged or downright broken. You feel certain the reflection coming back will not provide encouragement. Don’t be disheartened because Isaiah tells us that the Spirit of God is working. God can heal the broken hearted, free captives, pardon prisoners, destroy our enemies, comfort those who mourn and bring beauty from ashes. God can transform the reflection of your life. Let’s work together and sink our roots deep into the soil of God’s provision and see how we can become a display of Gods splendor.

"Looking to See" with Carol Sasnett 

Did you know that 75% of all adults wear some sort of vision correction? Apparently we all have a little trouble seeing. My husband can ask me where something is and I can tell him exactly where to find it, but when he goes looking for it – you guessed it… he won’t find it. Could it be that the way in which we “look” determines “what” we see? I believe that every time we "look" into God's word and "See" our lives will be forever changed. So join me as we grab our glasses, dig into scripture and discover what type of "Looker" we are.

"From Ordinary to Extraordinary" with Amy Spear 

I’m not a morning person even though my children are! Looking in the mirror is not a luxury I tend to endure when the sun just breaks forth on the horizon. Sometimes it is the necessary evil I must endure. I find myself paying more attention to the image others are reflecting and the pull of my heart to want what they have instead of what I have. “All I have is this Lord, but look at her, she has so much more to give!” God doesn’t care about what little we have or don’t have. All He asks from us is a willing heart to offer what we deem is our ordinary gifts to Him. And sister, when we do that, there is no telling what the Lord will do! Come discover how a woman in the Bible gave the little she had and how the  Lord took her ordinary and turned it into extraordinary!

"Mirror–Mirror…" with Ginger Gann 

Why do we look in the mirror? What determines our response to what we see? Come sit at the vanity table, join us –as we search for answers to these questions and more, in thereflection of Snow White, the Wicked Queen, and Rahab the prostitute. Now that’s one conversation you don’t want to miss!

“Who IS the fairest of them all?”

"Unveiled Questions" with Sarah Neal 

The average child asks 300 questions a day. An answer is always just a question away. As kids we asked questions constantly. Our curiosity could not be quenched. What if growth and transformation in Christ was simply a question away? Come join Sarah as we dive into scripture and look at how unveiled questions can lead to bold transformation.

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